Construction company “DOMERGON Ltd” was established in 1980 by Theodoros Kosmopoulos, by the name “DOMIKON ERGON GP”, with the aim of constructing building projects and mainly residences.


The motive in founding the company was the creation of a construction entity contrary to the market’s common approach, which used the construction as a platform not only for an effortless and superficial development, but also for fast personal enrichment.
We, on the other hand, focus our attention upon the undertaking, offering the employer and user a high quality product and at the same time the delight of a unique journey- the construction itself.

Our tools:

  • More than forty years of experience in construction works.
  • Profound knowledge of the subject-matter, resulting from elaborate work, constant update on new products and high quality implementation designs.
  • Professional rigor of our company’s staff. A rigorous approach constitutes a measure of professionalism for us.
  • Specific and overall quality.
  • Optimal transparency in financial relations with the employer.
  • “Economy” as a complex concept.
  • Aesthetic in the construction detail.
  • Respect for the environment.

Our work

Our work has been distinguished and acknowledged as we were fortunate in implementing designs of some of the most important Greek as well as foreign architects.


Establishment of the company in 1980 by Theodoros Kosmopoulos with the name “DOMIKON ERGON GP”.

The activity of “DOMIKON ERGON” was suspended in 1990, after completing the project of the HELLENIC SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND THE CULTURAL HERITAGE building, in Plaka. A project executed by the architect Ioannis Kizis.

The transfer of Mr.Theodoros Kosmopoulos  followed, from 1986 to 2005, first in TEB S.A. and then in ELLINIKI TECHNODOMIKI – AKTOR S.A. – TEV S.A. Group, in order to assume the management of construction works and other projects.                                                                 

In 2006 the initial company(DOMIKON ERGON GP) was reestablished by the new name “DOMERGON Ltd”, continuing its activity.

Incorporation: Greek Official Gazette 13463                                                                
Legal representation.   

The company is legally represented by:           

a) Mr. Theodorοs Kosmopoulos

b) Mrs.Dionisia Bourou

Management of :

 a) constructions :

  • Dionisia Bourou

Civil Engineer

  • Nikos Dalles


b) architecture studies :

  • Ourania Diamantopoulou


c) accounting :

  • Nikos Diamantopoulos


d) admin manager :

  • Panagiotis Magalios


Permanent Staff 

Today the company employs full and exclusive employment of the following partners:

Civil Engineers:
Bourou Dionisia
Daskalakis Nikolaos
Architect Engineers:
Alevizou Dimitra
Diamantopoulou Ourania
Papathanasiou Vasiliki

Mechanical Engineers:
Dalles Nikolaos
Eskioglou Menelaos
Pappas Thomas
Stamatiadis Giorgos
Voulgaris Antonis
Diamantopoulos Nikolaos
Magalios Panagiotis
Τechnical infrastructure:
Nikolaidi Dimitra
Dalipaj Erjon      

 Our vision

We aspire to create a model construction unit, on our respective share of the market, the projects of which will be characterized by ethical integrity. Through our work we aim at forming cultural environments where the following key aspects will coexist:

a) strict compliance with the technical rules, 

b) attention to the aesthetic in every construction detail

c) respect for the environment

d) respect to the principles that govern human relationships, as these are developed during the construction phase   

e) participation in the development of a man-made environment compatible with the natural one 

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